“It Doesn’t Look Like I’m Listening to CCR/Zeppelin Nonstop…But I Am”

& other things I think on the subway.


Where should I look? Is there some kind of guidebook for blind people on where they should look in the subway?

Stop reading my phone over my shoulder please.

Or looking at my tattoos.

Which side of the car are the doors going to open? Should I turn left or right?

Is my music too loud? Is everyone staring at me? Can they hear that I’ve played the same Rolling Stones song five times in a row?

Did I sing that outloud?

Stop dancing.

If I get off at the other stop I can grab Cobb’s bread on the way home.

I wantbread.

Do I have to go to work tomorrow? I’m so tired, I’d like to just spend a day sleeping.

Or reading, but mainly sleeping.

I want food, why don’t they have vending machines here?

Maybe I should change the music up a bit–


Nope, I hope no one was looking over my shoulder as I click “repeat all” on Neil Young, again.

I wonder what everyone else thinks I’m listening to…

Why am I focusing so much on this?

I should write a blog about all of these thoughts.

I need pictures. These are awful. Now everyone’s looking at me taking pictures.

Where did that bruise on my leg come from?

Man, I’m tired.


xx Jess


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