Monthly Playlist: June

Oh good morning friends!  I thought I’d bring back my lovely monthly playlists, as I’ve been a bit music-onbsessed this month.  I’ve decided to just go with the songs from the top of my head, post the tracklist, and potentially go back and put in the youtube videos as usual.  If I don’t get to that don’t hold it against me!  But here are my TOP TEN TRACKS to start off your JUNE right!

1.  Ten Years Gone – Led Zepplin

2. One- Neil Young

3. Rock and Roll Suicide- David Bowie *repeat from a few months ago because SO GOOD

4.  With a Girl Like You- The Troggs

5.  The Wind- Cat Stevens

6.  Stay Alive- Jose Gonzales

7. Boss-  Fifth Harmony

8. The Boxer- Simon & Garfunkel

9.  Wild Horses- The Rolling Stones

10.  BENNIE & THE JETTS-  Elton John

I must make a suggestion that these be listened to in accordance with a comfort beverage of choice, on a back deck, with headphones or speakers your choice, and just get into the summer groove.

xx Jess


3 thoughts on “Monthly Playlist: June

    1. Oh I’m glad you’ve enjoyed it! I used to write one every month for the last part of last year, but got out of the habit when 2015 started, and just decided to do it again! What have you been listening to? xx Jess

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      1. Lately I’ve been revisiting childhood memories through music, as I was putting together my Spotify playlist for my previous post, so a lot of nineties hits! x


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