Yoga A Day in June!

Oh friends, happy day, its Monday and its the beginning of a new month!  Beginnings are great!  You know why?  Because it gives you a fresh start every 30-or-so days, and today I’ve decided to pledge, officially, to practice yoga once a day for the entire month of june.

I’ve been working on my yoga practice for nearly…four years now?  I think four anyway, and it has sincerely influenced my life for the better.  Yoga can be practiced for an hour, 30 minutes, or five, it doesn’t matter, as long as it is internalized and practical  For me and my practice what works is what works, I try not to plan too much in advance, because if I plan to do a 40 minute class and end up in a call or my commute takes too long then I feel bad for it, so setting goals becomes a smaller portion of the month, and it takes on tis own journey, out of my hands, and what happens happens.

Strength building, flexibility, cultivating patience, mindfulness, positivity, one-ness, understanding and content.  Peace, one might say, is a beautiful and valuable space to inhibit.

If you’d like to come along with me, try and practice once a day, even if it is five sun salutations upon waking (which is apparently one of the best ways to start your day) or a longer practice before bed for sleeping, mindfulness on the commute or short classes over your lunch hour, every moment of yoga helps!

And if not, then I wish you lots of recuperating and peaceful time for you this month!

Happy June!

xx Jess


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