Efficient Packing and the Tale of Three Bags

Good Morning friends! I hope you’ve had a really wonderful weekend, I had a full two days oasis from the stress that plagued me enough to ceasefire the posts for a bit. However, I’m going to try to post a it more regularly, but with an impending move and two jobs it has become a bit difficult. Nonetheless, here’s some tips of efficient packing when limited bags are available!

Coming home for me means laundry and minimal bags. I had two bags and a dress shoes and makeup for a wedding to pack. Needless to say, one bag was full of laundry and the dress, the other had ork things and makeup. These two bags did me well this weekend, the only downfall was having to wear the shoes for the wedding home, which made for a painful Thursday! (The shoes were completely broken in for the wedding though!)

The elusive third bag came about when I realized there were things that I was to send home and not take back to Toronto with me, and so I found a different bag (this one had llamas on it from Peru!) and filled it with things that were wedding-specific and to be sent home for cleaning/storage.  This included my travel things and the dress (and those heels I spoke of, they were sent home in this bag) leaving the other two bags to hold the things needed for Toronto.

All of this system will break down in a month when I move into a more permanent place and want to leave little at my parents’ house, but I will continue on in my student-luxury for a little while longer!  Thanks to my gracious parents for not complaining about my room always having various things stored there.

So, three bags, various stages of packing, and all the while taking a much needed break from the hubbub of work and work and work.  I know The Muddy Mary Project doesn’t seem like work on the outside, and if I’m honest never feels like too much work on the inside, but reading plays and being organized and responsible IS work, and its on top of my full-time job at CNIB, and living independently, and its amazing, but sometimes I like to just shut my brain off from all of that, chat with friends until late at night, dance for the rest of it with my family, and just get out.

This weekend was truly a blessing, whatever that means to you, because it recharged me, and I arrived home yesterday to read HALF of the things I needed to!  So proud of myself, ready for another evening of reading tonight (along with grocery shopping, scholarship/grant writing, and cleaning…joy) but it all comes with the terms of being a) a Freelancer and b) an “adult,” so I can’t complain.

I hope you’ve all enjoyed yourselves on this morning commute to work!  I missed the crazy subway drama, thank goodness, and hopefully will be able to get through the day only mildly drenched by all of this rain!

xx Jess


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