“I’m All Right Right Now”

Oh friends, its another rainy day here in Tornoto, and if pathetic fallacy wasn’t so pathetic (ha-ha) then I would say it reflects my mood.  Its been a hard day and a bit, tired, pain, losing things, sister’s off travelling the world, and it just feels like everything’s coming at once, and I have been trying to get my head on straight.  Do you ever feel that way?  That its spinning and twirling almost out of control?  Heads spin sometimes, but is it possible for them to just continue on spinning?

So to cope with yesterday I did my daily yoga, but man, did that backfire.  Hurt my neck, broke a chair, its all just been…inconclusive, I guess.  And mid-note taking for Muddy Mary I opened up my meditation book that I keep beside my bed just in case and the practice “I’m All Right Right Now” opened itself up to me.  Its simple.  Just notice how you are in this exact moment and recognize how you are NOT in danger, not drowning or immediate danger, relatively safe and sound…And that you are all right.  You may not be “fine,” or emotionally stable, or happy, and you may want things–but you are ALL RIGHT.  And I’ve thought just that for the past awake hours.

I am all right.

Things are what they are.  Is it going to cost me a bit of money (“it” referring to yesterday as a whole) yes, but that’s the way it is.  We roll with the punches.  I’ll do some restorative yoga today for my neck, I’ll email my sister and try not to worry about it.

This blog this week is a dumping ground for my mind right now.  Like I said:  Head. Spinning.  It feels like I want to create something interesting and fun, but I’m not a fashion blogger I don’t care about sharing my outfits, stuff like this, advice about mental health, my experience, and hopefully that is interesting to some people.

I promise to spend the rest of the week making great content.  I have three posts already planned, and hopefully my time is a bit more even so I can sit down and write them all.

Hope you’re all well, remember that you are all right right now 🙂

xx Jess


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