Anectdote Post 1: I Wanna Dance

A long time ago, in a world much different than this (3 years max.) my younger brother used twitter much more frequently than he does now…Come to think of it, I’d be surprised if he knew his password, anyways.  I tweeted before going out to a pub night “I wanna dance with somebody!” referring to the popular Whitney Houston song, thinking how sweet and cute I am, tweeting song lyrics, as one usually does.

Not five minutes later I get a mention to my twitter inbox which read “WITH SOMEBODY WHO LOVES ME”

From my, at the time, eleven-year-old brother.

Now, at fourteen, just returning from his first school trip to Quebec City, graduating middle school next week, taller than me, and off to Highschool next year, my Bro is just as cool (although he’d hate to see me writing this embarassnig tale for all to see) LOVE YOU BUB.

Happy Friday, friends!

xx Jess


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