Sunday Rain Adventure

Hi Friends! I’m sure you’re all about in various weather but today in Toronto it is pouring, and I’ve decided to grit my teeth, put on a sweater and find something to do outdoors. Alright, out of my doors, I walked down Bloor and tried to get into the BMV but it was closed, so ended up at Bulk Barn to find cranberry omega 3 flax cookies! So delicious, happy to have some goodness in my baked goods!


Then I tried out the Almond Butterfly cafe, which has Gluten Free baked goods and the tastiest coffee! This is the kind of day that I would usually do with my buddy ol’ pal AJ, but he’s being a big world traveller and is currently melting in Paris, so I am allowed to do a bit of our to-do list if it gets me out of the house!

I got a cheese biscuit with garlic as well from the cafe, it needs a warm up but I plan on having a nibble of that while catching up on some Youtube videos today!


I also picked up the new Vogue and the New Yorker, a few of my favourite reads when it comes to relaxation time! What a fun day I’ve got going for myself.

I’ve a few other errands to work on this afternoon, I need to do some yoga as my lower back is acting up, apply for a scholarship and do a bit of research. This is my last sunday with room mates, which feels insane ad also the coolest thing ever!

IMG_20150628_114608 (1)

I hope to do a face mask and foot therapy this evening, to end the day with some kind of real relaxing, beginning of the week motivation! I also need to find a new Netflix show, so that’s another thing on my to-do list for today!

Happy Sunday all!

xx Jess


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