To the best of my knowledge I currently am the proud owner of two very different tumblr blogs.  Do you not know what a tumblr blog is?  Where have you been?  Clearly not sitting on the internet.  I spent hours in my first year of university not binge-watching netflix shows, not writing papers or doing readings (although both activities were prevelant in my life at the time) but scrolling mindlessly and mindfully through tumblr finding pictures that spoke to me, said something to me, and I frequent that blog often, but no longer post on it.  Interested?


It coincided with my 365 Blog I was writing at the time, where I wrote one blog post a day.  Its similar in title so if you are really interested and are so inclined to find it on your own feel free to do so.


Since then and since I stopped posting on my Whisper Happy blog, I have taken momentary hiatuses from tumblr.  I tend to turn to this website in times of complete and total dismay; when a tragedy happens in my family, another surgery, travel.  In England I spent hours on tumblr, and upon my return home, in the mind-bumning depression that accompanied me for the following months of homesickness to London and a tragedy, this blog found its way into my life:


And right now it seems as though Cosy Pockets might have a reutrn.  I am not depressed, but in transition, and it has seemed that tumblr plays a different role for everyone who uses it.  Usually people tend to use it similarly to Facebook, to post pictures and share things with an online community.


People use it to respond to current events and share eachother’s musings, which I love, but have never been a part of.

Lots of people use it for sexual content, not my style.

I like to create something pretty that I honestly return to all of the time.  I spend hours scrolling through my old reblogged pictures and smile, I did this this morning, and that’s why this post is here today.  I hope to create a new blog, although I think I have in the recent weeks, and if this is true, and it starts becoming active again, rest asssured that the link will appear somewhere on this written blog in due time.

Until then, enjoy my journals, my online, picture-oriented, curated by MOI journals, the tumblr.com generation is what we should be called, and if you agree then I’d love to see your blogs too.

My last note about tumblr is that everyone tends to have one and use it in different ways, yes, but once upon a time I used my tumblr as a love letter.  T whom?  Well, funny you mist ask, because there was a person in particular, and I do still believe that these tumblr blogs turn out to be a love letter to eachother of some kind, but in diferent lights now.  I think my lvoe letter is to the digital world and accessibility of emotions on the internet, to life, and to expression.


xx Jess

*All photos were found from my previous tumblr posts, I’m sure the credit is due, but a common thread on tumblr is finding the credit itself, so I apologise and give credit if these are your photos, they are beautiful, and I only use them because I myself cannot take photos such as these.  Also Audrey Hepburn wouldn’t pose for me, so you know…


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