Current Location: Too Far From Any Coffee Shop

Hello friends! What a week and a half it has been since I last updated you all. Since moving in I’ve delivered a few theatre workshops, continued to plan a national program and drank copious amounts of ber and coffee. So far this summer has been quite enjoyable, but I have one bone to pick with my new place.

I have yet to discover its super cute, amazingly-cheap, hipster-driven coffee shop. There’s one on my way to work, but I can’t read the signs to see how much coffee is and I never get up early enough to be that girl asking for the first time, so I’ve got to wait.

This means my first coffee is after three subways and a bus when I arrive at work. Given its free, but still, girl needs a coffee a bit earlier than an hour after the commute on Toronto public transit.

Forever waiting until I’ve saved my pennies and banked enough time for me to go and pick out a keurig, but there is still the charm in a local coffee shop nearby first thing in the morning. Its the nuance of becoming a “regular” them knowing my order, “keep the change,” becoming a normal occurance. It’ll happen, its just waiting for it to come to me is taking a while.

Good coffe, albeit few and far between, can be worth the wait.

Until I find this perfect place nearby I guess I’ll have to survive off of free coffee at the CNIB. What a hard life to lead.

Until next time,

xx Jess


My Day In Photos: Moving Day

Hello my friends!  Welcome to my Moving Blog post!  Below are a bunch of photos describing my moving day.  Thanks to my parents and my lovely Grandpa who came and set me up, provided me with lots of goodies for the kitchen and some night lights to help me get around, and make it as comfortable as possible for me.  I am so grateful to them, and so happy and proud to be in my first solo apartment!  I’ve made it my own, and will slowly keep adding to it!











xx Jess