Current Location: Too Far From Any Coffee Shop

Hello friends! What a week and a half it has been since I last updated you all. Since moving in I’ve delivered a few theatre workshops, continued to plan a national program and drank copious amounts of ber and coffee. So far this summer has been quite enjoyable, but I have one bone to pick with my new place.

I have yet to discover its super cute, amazingly-cheap, hipster-driven coffee shop. There’s one on my way to work, but I can’t read the signs to see how much coffee is and I never get up early enough to be that girl asking for the first time, so I’ve got to wait.

This means my first coffee is after three subways and a bus when I arrive at work. Given its free, but still, girl needs a coffee a bit earlier than an hour after the commute on Toronto public transit.

Forever waiting until I’ve saved my pennies and banked enough time for me to go and pick out a keurig, but there is still the charm in a local coffee shop nearby first thing in the morning. Its the nuance of becoming a “regular” them knowing my order, “keep the change,” becoming a normal occurance. It’ll happen, its just waiting for it to come to me is taking a while.

Good coffe, albeit few and far between, can be worth the wait.

Until I find this perfect place nearby I guess I’ll have to survive off of free coffee at the CNIB. What a hard life to lead.

Until next time,

xx Jess


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