Underwater, Again

When you submerge completely in water while swimming or in the bath you are accompanied by a muffled isolation and calm that is unique to this feeling alone. You are aware of the sounds and things going on above your head, in the real world, but there’s nothing but your immediate awareness, sometimes eyes shut, sometimes looking through the broken light in the water, and there, in your silence, you can find your own thoughts.

That’s how I feel at graduate school right now and I’ve been there for three days. There’s definitely things going on around me, but unless I am sitting right infront of it in my consciousness it is lost on me. Talk about losin the ability to multi-task–no, not even multi-task, multi-comprehend. I have my to-do list, and my ipod full of music and ooks, and beyond that I’m sort of drowning in my own, private thoughts.

And I sincerely hope that I can come above water again soon.

xx Jess


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