Thoughts While I Wait for the Chicken to Finish Cooking…

1. I’ve had like twenty amazing, meaningful conversations today that have made me angry and happy and grateful. I’m pretty lucky to have full days like that. Instead of complaining about not having this with the same person consistently I should be more grateful it happens at all.

2. This belini is kind of flat but also very delicious. Like a booze-y juice.

3. I need to remember to start looking for New Year’s outfits/makeup inspiration considering last year I was ready by this time. Can I re-wear the same dress? Can I try new makeup? Can I actually have something cool to do?

4. I am going to be waking up earlier than I have all semester this upcoming week to practise yoga and I am worried that I will give up halfway through because I will be too worn out from work. Any tips on motivation?

5. I need to make some time to go through my clothing and re-evaluate my outfits and stop buying things that I don’t need, and repurpose articles of clothing. This might be a handy thing to add to my Syllabus, because its essential to mental health.

8. My chicken SMELLS done but doesn’t LOOK done.

7. I wrote five poems this weekend. FIVE. I wrote FIVE POEMS THIS WEEKEND. I haven’t written poetry in months and then all of a sudden they just were there, existing, infront of me. So that’s cool. I would like it if this continued on happening, and if so, maybe I could share? Maybe by the end of the month? Maybe? Don’t hold me to this.

8. There is nothing like accepting the stress that you feel in your life as normal. That sounds strange, but when you lean into the stress instead of rejecting it and shaming it then everything becomes a little bit easier…it almost doesn’t become stress. Basically, just try not to worry all the time.

9. Who am I? I just re-read that above note and…man…Stop worrying? Seriously.

10. Chicken’s done.

xx Jess


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