The Starman | #2

I’ve never been to a movie on my own. It has been recommended to me mny times, but honestly I have a hard time finding  seat when I’m following someone to sit down, let alone if I went by myself, and I hve a thing about the small nudges nd smiles you pass while wtching a film with someone.  I am determined to start seeing and doing things more this year, and so it has begun by seeing a film with my brother last night at the pollo Cinema in Kitchener.  The Martian the book ws amazing, the film ws great.

What was I expecting?  A fun night.  Fun being the key word, because I have a lot of stress resting on my shoulders that I hve to be mindful of every moment of every day lately while deadlines loom and so does the future—the everlasting uncertainty of what the hell is going to happen next, what is my next move—so I thought tht something like  movie out would be a little of  stress reliever, especially with my brother who is always Fun (F is for friends who do stuff together U is for ukulele…only he will get tht.). So we set out, in a cab on a cold night, bought tickets early, walked around the block and then back to buy an orange crush and talk about our lives.  My brother, who’s started high school this past term  has all kinds of things going on, and it really is pretty cool to see him go through the things that I’ve gone through myself, which I witnessed with my sister doing it too, but with Kyle I’ve had some distance, and we can talk about things now…which is new, and nice.  We lughed a lot, which was also so wonderful.  He’s got a nice heart that kid does.

I don’t know what I was expecting of the film itself, but I was…honestly…expecting it to be…better?  I mean, I’d heard a lot of hype about it, and the people in it (WHY DID NO ONE TELL ME DONALD GLOVER HS A CMEO?!( but I’d read most of the book and was looking forward to some space stuff and some Matt Damon’s abs…and what did I get?  Some kickass music, cheesy exposition and SPACE!  I did really enjoy myself, sang long, gasped, cheered, the works, which was exactly what we needed.

As we got in the cab to go home I was sleepy from a long day of travelling nd ready to get into my dinosaur pyjamas and Top Shop cardigan, to which I listened to music nd reflected on the evening.  As the cab driver drove us the longest route home I’ve ever hd from downtown Kitchener my brother slipped his now bigger than mine hand over mine and squeezed.  He’s a good kid, nd we’ve always taken care of each other.

Well, I’ve taken care of him for a long time, I think he’s just naturally starting to take care of me too.

I have a date set to go out for lunch with my sister on Monday, and as I get older I can only be in the moment while spending time with my family—something that I’ve not always been able to do.  We live in different cities now, and with busy schedules not everyone can always spend a lot of time with each other so it makes a difference, those two hour spurts talking, and that time is valuable and beautiful. I am so grateful to have these two bumpkins in my midst, because they are magic,too.

To end with some brilliant lyrics included in The Martian (which everyone should see, because the Starman montage alone was UNREAL not to mention all of the SPACE STUFF! MARS!)

Let all the children boogie

xx Jess


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