Where I’ve Been Today: The Lion’s Brewery | #4

Today has been frigid.  Haven’t we just landed right in the middle of winter?  I need some new socks and mittens I think, because I was cold enough today to have tears stream down my face because it HURT!  I met my sister for lunch today because I was treating her for her birthday a few weeks ago and we ended up in the Lion’s Brewery at the Huether in Waterloo.  This was a change of plans as we had hoped to be in the small Marbles cottage-like restaurant but it turns out its under reno?  So instead we had some delicious nachos and lunch in the basement of the Huether Hotel!

I had yet to have a coffee and the restaurant was extremely cold so I ended off watching Marissa, my younger sister, devour a massive fudge brownie (I might’ve had a few bites…) and we had a lovely time catching up before I head back to Toronto tomorrow for the new term.  We are both in school right now and don’t really get any time just for the two of us so I was pretty happy to have her to myself for a bit so early on in the year!

My one highlight from today would have to be that BEER CHEESE that accompanied these super nachos!  The cheese was subtle and the beer in it was the good part of beer: not bitter just a little taste just a little faint impression, a shadow of beer in the cheese, that made me dip my pizza (and fingers) back in to get every drop I could! Is that strange?  I dig cheese, what can I say?

Hope you are all keeping warm on this cold alert day!

xx Jess


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