Self Care: The Sleeping Situation | #6

There once was a time in my life where I dealt with my insomnia by functioning without much sleep. This time in my life is extremely recent and tends to occur now and again, but late last term I lerned the joys of rest (sort of naps, more like just laying and letting everything relax) and also the joys of letting myself sleep.
I am a planner, I tend to plan every minute of my day. Last year I took a challenge to keep my schedule flexible, and it still is to this day, today alone it has changed numerous times, I just have to acknowledge there are only s many hours a day (11) that I can do work, and the rest of that time is for rest or winding down. I now keep a good two hour buffer around my sleeping times, just in case I haven’t slept well that night and need a few extra hours. At the end of the day, that two hour buffer is there in case I need to slip in some extra work, and still have time to read and wind down from the day.
It is proven in my life that the moments before sleep at the end of my day are the happiest moments.
I challenge you to look at your own sleep schedule and see if there is a way you can change it to improve your own rest. I dig my bed, the sheets are great, and I don’t do work in it anymore which has improved morale surrounding sleep time a lot as well. If you can, make a positive change, even if its an extra fifteen minutes while the water’s boiling for dinner to take a wee lay down (I say this coming from a small studio apartment where my kitchen is steps away from my bed….so, if you have multiple floors don’t do this) or lay on the kitchen tile! Laying on the floor always helps my back when I’m stressed or take a minute in child’s pose. Your body and your mind will thank you!
xx Jess


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