Pursuit | #9

I’m not sure about you but when I read or watch something kickass I get inspired for new projects. That is why I love coursework (probably one of the only reasons, actually) and also spending tme with kick ass people who read and watch inspiring things. I get inspired for new projects, and it seems that 2016 is turning into the year of starting off points, coming back to “jumping off the cliff” that I always prattled on about in highschool. Just doing things, because you want to and are inspired to start them. Why not? What is there to lose, really?

I have been reading Gloria Steinem’s My Life on the Road and have just been inspired to start two new projects. Two projects I will admit that were in my brain already and articulated to many people already, but I’ve been inspired to wake up tomorrow and make a coffee and write some proposals while I have the time. Why not? What do I have to lose?

I’e been doing a lot of reading about other people pursuing projects, blogs, starting things and making them happen, and I have been wondering…is there a timeline? Is there an expiry date for that kick-ass idea inside of your head? I’ve spoken to my family and friends who have the desire to pursue something but just…don’t, something comes up or their minds focus on something else for a bit, or they simply do not believe that they can do it. Are those dreams expired when we get to a certain age? Do they retreat back into our subconscious, never to erupt again? Or, are we just responsible to our ideas to eventually, when its right, pull them out and try them on?

I wonder this now because I feel like moments of pursuit are more important than the length of said pursuit. I think this is an important conclusion for me to make right now, having ran a theatre organization last year and having it come to a dormant state for the time being, I have been reflecting immensely on the lessons I learned about work and friendship and creativity in that brief period of pursuit, and the level of hard work and dedication it took, and how that year was serious magic, because we did it at all.

So to me there is no reason to doubt myself for the time it takes to come to terms with a pursuit, to actually pursue a project, or the length it stands in my world, but as long as there are ideas and inspirations still sprouting I am happy. I think I’ll spend a bit of time tomorrow exploring these projects for you, but for tonight I will leave you with the mantra: Do, Don’t say.

Ironic, considering I’m writing this…But I promise you that these projects are actively being pursued as we speak.

All the best,

xx Jess


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