the cosy Canadian notebook | #10

I spoke yesterday about a few projects that I’ve got mulling inside of my brain, but to be honest they aren’t ideas that I can just sit here and talk out for you. They are ideas that need time to roll around and pick up speed, and be written out and talked over in meetings, all of which are hopefully happening this week. What I can talk about is a new project of travel, that I hope to be happening this summer.

I originally wanted to head coast-to-coast within Canada, which is still there the hope is strong and the dream is (very) wide, but funds and other factors are coming into few and I think I need to narrow my hopes, unless a grant or a pitch returns successful, in which case bring on the Via Rail! The plan is to take the train across Canada as much as possible, look out the window, write “on-the-road” style (with punctuation) and develop my own real idea of what Canada, and what being Canadian means to me.

Whenever I travel (I’ve heard many travel bugged-friends say the same) I become extremely patriotic. YES CANADA! YES TO MY ACCENT! YES TO FREE HEALTHCARE! And of course many other things, but if I am honest I’ve never seen farther than Ontario and Montreal, and trust me I am aware of the huge country I live in. It pains me because I’ve never had the opportunity, and I want to see it all. I want to experience the different landscapes and air qualities and the oceans and the people. I want to collect rocks (I d that when I travel) and to take pictures and drink coffee in every province. I want to hold onto my bag and breathe Canadian air, a tourist in my own country, and write notes in notebooks and napkins and receipts, and drink fresh water and eat the food and speak with everyone.

And I want to write something substantial about how I literally see it all. How does it look to me? Is that any different?

This has been a dream for a long time, and I want to live out of a suitcase for a month and a bit for it, but it all depends. That is the hardest bit that most travellers don’t admit: it all depends on the factors that are out of your control. I have the drive, and the time, and the relative kind of means (that’s a stretch) but it all depends on how things unfold. I have to wait on this ebfore I can book that, how would the travel actually look should I be applying for grants for a guide? There are so many options open to me, but it is up to me and fate to figure it all out.

Its hard to trust fate to work out the way its supposed to.

Canada, I’m coming for you, soon.

xx Jess


2 thoughts on “the cosy Canadian notebook | #10

  1. We live in the U.S. and drove from Jasper to Quebec in 2014. Every Canadian we met asked the same question: “Why?” I think you understand. But don’t take a train. Give yourself the flexibilty to change the route as you go (it is how we discovered Manatoulin Island) and the time to really see things. Can’t afford it? — search WordPress and the net for ways to do it cheaply.

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    1. Wow! That sounds like an amazing trip! The reason why I’d be taking the train is that I am legally blind and cannot drive, so trust me I would do a road trip if I could and drive, but I can’t! So unless I have someone go with me (always a possibility…but logistically, its relying on someone else, again) I have no other options, really!

      Thanks for reading and sharing! xx J


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