Seeking a Friend for the End of the World | #12

Does anyone not love hidden gems?

Steve Carrell, Kiera Knightley, the end of the world…is there anything I might like more? I cannot recommend this film enough for something to accompany your mid-afternoon crisis of what to watch mindlessly on Netflix. Light a candle, make a bowl of cereal and snuggle under the covers to watch this thoughtful, simple and kind film about friendship and life’s inevitable end.

I dig people. This movie is about people working through their pasts in order to come to terms with themselves, their regrets, and what they love most. I am not sure what else to say about it than just watch it, it is so charming and SPOILER

The world actually ends at the end. There is nothing more disappointing than a movie that boasts the end of the world and the meteor doesn’t actually hit the earth. It does, and it is perfect.

That doesn’t make me out to be someone who desires the end of the world, no, it makes me someone who appreciates endings. Finality, and that of an ending friendship that is new is not disappointing or upsetting…but crafted in a pairing of unlikely actors erupts into me crying (weeping, mroe like it) until the last breath of this film.

When you go to post-secondary education you have to make friends very fast. You have like four months to make a good friend out of someone inr esidence in order to move into an apartment together. You have like, three weeks to get to know group mates before that project is due. In this movie, they have much less time to develop an entire friendship in order to feel companionship at the end. Friendship comes in so many shapes and forms, it can give you purpose and meaning, something or someone to take care of, to confide in, and to me there is no limitations on friendship.

You can be close buddies after two hours stuck in an elevator together, or you might take a few months, if not years, of consistent conversations to be close to anyone. What matters most is that you look inside other people and appreciate that they are just looking for friendship too.

If anything this movie has encouraged me to wear more converse or running shoes with my dresses, becuse you never know when you’ll have to grab a friend’s hand (and small dog, named Sorry) and run from a riot started after the end of the world was announced for a week later.

xx Jess


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