Self Care: One Notebook | #13

I think that there is more to self care than just lots of sleep and eating healthy and giving yourself space to breathe and not be overworked, and in my opinion I found that balance of strange tidbits of self care last term in my first jaunt into graduate studies in simple way I used one notebook for all of my classes. This did not make a huge difference on the grand scehem of things, because I can’t read back my notes, but…This term, I am in a playwrighting course, which looks at dramaturgy in a neat way, and I am doing all of my freewriting in the same notebook as where I write my theory notes.

Even just on the first day of class I can tell that this is going to positively impact my mental space when it comes to going to school.

I do have a heavy term, and so having this creative outlet and analysis is a beautiful sidenote and counter-active approach to my studies. I am using it as a practical approach to my own work but also a critical approach to dramaturgy, and having it alongside all of my thoughts from my other, theory-heavy courses, I have this balnce of beauty that I am really digging.

Plus, I wrote a weird free-writing piece today about feeling lonely while being a fetus, guys, art is strange and awesome.

So this week my advice on self care is to take small tidbits in your life and give yourself a little break for your own good. Let it be writing all of your notes in different coloured pens, or buying a travel mug for your nineteen coffee’s a week that has a fun cool design that makes you laugh or smile on it. I don’t know what works for you, I’m not here to tell you how to live your life, but this small change has really positively impacted my experience, and that’s good enough for me!

xx Jess


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