Meditations from a Monday | #18

That Time When Time Management Goes Out the Window

Short and sweet: Don’t sweat it.  Don’t sweat when you’re late, don’t sweat when you walk into the boom lights 18 times backstage.  Don’t sweat when you go off schedule or off-the-rails.  Don’t sweat when you stare at someone for too long in class.  Don’t sweat it when you can’t quite finish the third reading in a long list of readings that accumulate to nearly 100 ish pages.  Don’t sweat it, just don’t.  Don’t sweat it when your bootlace is untied, and don’t sweat it when you have to take off your gloves to tie them up in fear of tripping on the ice in the freezing cold.  Don’t sweat it when you have to buy yourself a breakfast sandwich at noon for lack of breakfast, protein or willpower.  Don’t, just don’t.  Don’t sweat it when there’s nowhere else to go but plateau.  Don’t sweat it when there’s nothing else to do but scroll through Facebook and appreciate every mother posting the cutest pictures of their babies, which used to be annoying but when you are extremely stressed and checking group emails/FB updates it is a welcomed distraction.  Don’t sweat that, ever.  Don’t sweat taking an extra hour of sleep.  Don’t sweat forgetting your keys (or try not to) and don’t sweat the amount of work/writing/social/self care/healthy eating you are NOT doing, just don’t do that, don’t sweat the things that sometimes you can’t control and sometimes you can, and don’t sweat it when you don’t understand something.

Buy some deodorant, toss that in your pack for the day, accept things, let the sweat roll off of you.

Or glisten, as I told Tita over headset (or text message I CAN’T REMEMBER it was MIDNIGHT last night) to just let herself glisten in the sweat, the sweat of a Golden Goddess who is doing her damn best two weeks into the semester.  Don’t sweat the sweat, people, its healthy.

xx Jess


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