The Eve | #22

There is nothing I love more than coming home after a jam-acked, busy day in the cold than to draw a bath.  What does that even mean exactly?  To “draw” a bath?  Anyways, I love to throw in some bubbles, light my favourite little candle and set u Sex and the City on a chair beside the tub, glass of wine in hand, and watch a few eisodes and forget the world around ,e.

I love getting out of the tub and hearing it drain while the last episode fades, my housecoat on, lighting a second candle beside my bed.  When that epiode is over I love to embrace the silence.  The hum of the fridge, the rush of cars outside.  I forget that I live alone sometimes and there’s nothing but me, just me.  So its nice to not have anything but me for a little, no hone, no computer, just a quiet house for a quiet me.

Some eole call these evenings pamper nights, I have been singing “Birthday Bath” to the tune of that “Birthday Sex” song that came out a long time ago.  “Don’t neeed no, candles or cake just you body to make your BIRTHDAY BATH!” the words are a bit different but the sentiment is the same:  I am relaxed, in my favourite state of mind and body:  alone, warm (but the air is cooling me down), wine, sex and the city, candles…It is hard to find something more serene than that for me.  After a brilliant day, with another coming u tomorrow.

Today was even more lovely because it was amplified by inspiration.  There isn’t anything better than finally, finally, after weeks of trying to write or come up with an idea or a start to a paper, than getting hit with a great idea mid show or mid conversation.  Both happened to me today, and although I wanted nothing more than to whip out my phone and email myself these thoughts in my head I sat and enjoyed the moment.  That brief inspiration solidified my great Birthday weekend, and moments before my 24th birthday I am reminded, again, about the cool life I am leading right now.

Life is cool.

xx Jess




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