Where I’ve Been: 24 Years | #24

Yesterday my family came down to Toronto to celebrate my birthday with me, and after trying to stay at one restaurant we ended up at the Duke of York, a small pub that had good beers and good food.  We are the kind of family to need an atmosphere where we can laugh and eat with our fingers without feeling like we are alone?  So this was the place for us.  Amidst good conversation, I got my birthday meal of steak, Caesar and fries and a Fuller’s beer, which is a prequel to the amount of English beers that are about to be in my future when I head there for mywinter break.  Afterwards, we had some tarts for dessert.  My brother and sister really dug their toffee pudding, but I got a milk chocolate salted caramel tart, shown above, that was so delicious I just sat there looking at it for a while.  I am not a huge cake person (unless it is mccain deep dish, cold from the freezer, eaten out of the tin with a fork) so small little treats like this are perfect.

And then on the way home from the bar later, I picked up a bag of chips, which I just remembered aren’t finished and I should hide them because I will eat them all in the first half of this week with all of the stress I have!

After the celebrations are over (kind of, I have more this week, prolonged birthday celebrations!) I have been reminded how important it is, not just for the birthday girl, to celebrate on birthdays.  They are special days, and when things are tough its nice to be acknowledged and taken care of, and have people offer for you, and celebrate as a community, come together, and forget the woes of the days around and just focus on the good things, the good times, the laughter, the boys, the mixed messages, the bruised hearts, the gay-lean as Tita would say, and anything else that comes with that.  There is nothing more fun to me than a no-stress environment, drinking a champagne sangria, with good people who keep conversations going without even trying, and smiling.

Birthdays are for smiling, and I smiled a lot yesterday.

Where have I been lately?  I’ve reached my twenty-fourth year of life, and I have decided to be healthy and happy and embrace the work that I love to do, the people that I love and want in my life, and do.  Just do.  Just be.  Because there is nowhere better than where I am right now.


xx Jess


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