The Women of Youtube Who I Love | #26

I am constantly impressed by the women of youtube who decide the content of their channels to be whatever they want. I love me an occaisionaly makeup tutorial, but these women who review books, who talk about video games, who create communities of sex positive people and who encourage you to be great and fabulous make me smile to the umpteenth degree, because I feel like they are also in turn a part of my own community, so I wanted to share these wonderful women with you.


Hannah (and her family, the Michelaks):


(I listened to this video while I worked on this post, UGH, I just love her voice.)

Now these are just a handful of the wonderful women that I spend my days with, but they are the ones that I thought you may not have heard of, or saw in passing but didn’t take the chance to go and listen to them or watch their content. If you can’t watch all of the videos on your YouTube subscription list, take a looksee at these wonderful women once in a while, the content never fails, they have great and powerful voices, and contribute to a positive community.

xx Jess


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