Why it Took Me So Long to Watch the xfiles | #30

I thought I’d write a little bit about why its taken me so long to watch the xfiles. I started watching the episods on Netflix last summer, but it didn’t grab me. The first season just didn’t engage me enough to keep watching. Friends, I love aliens, most of my favourite movies are about alien invasions, most of my favourite books are about aliens, a lot of my thoughts are about aliens, and yet the xfiles couldn’t get me.
I find both Gillian Anderson and David Duchovney attractive, I find their relationship endearing, and yet the nineties outfits and effects couldn’t grab me.
I think it was the wrong time to start the show. I wasn’t at school, I was living at home and trying to be creative, and I was working a bit at CNIB and didn’t need the show. Does that make sense? I didn’t need an episode, I just needed something to fill time. So I watched Gilmore Girls, and other things, but not the xfiles.
Yesterday morning I watched a few episodes in a row of the xfiles. Why? Because I needed to stay in bed. I don’t have anyone pulling me back into bed anymore/lately, so I needed a tv show to grab me back into bed, and the xfiles did.
So, what have I concluded? My time has come. Finally, I need the xfiles.
God Bloss.
xx Jess


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