Blind Reading | #33

Welcome to the week of two posts a day! Hurray! It has been brought to my attention that this project might be a bit overwhelming over the course of the term, but without it I might slip into insanity, so, bare with me.

I tend to not take book recommendations, and so I tend to read books from lists of what women should be reading, what goodreads think would be okay for me, or just what looks kind of neat on audible while I’m checking out. This means reading with me is a grab-bag, it means I could get a novel that is fascinating, full of interesting perspectives and stories from fictional or non fictional characters with cool voices, with neat ideas, with stories to tell.
Or it could just be a blind date, a date that had no expectations, and might be pleasant, but is definitely a one-time thing.
2016 has brought a few blind date books, books that I was happy to have because I hadn’t read much, so it was a nice change from my usual theoretical readings, but it wasn’t something I’d read again, I wouldn’t dress up for it, bring it out to a nice dinner, spend a full night with it, its no something I’d continue to read, or recommend to a friend.
I wonder how to make my blind reading choices more specific? Is there a type that I should be looking for, for a brief interlude from my regular programming? Or should I just continue to take my chances, and write them all off as a fun evening/couplet of evenings, that took my mind off of the real world for a while?
Side note: None of this was written pun-intended, or with the fact that “blind dating” should be my cosmopolitan weekly column, just sort of coincidental that I thought of this and “Blind Dating” is what they call dates when you don’t really know the person at all.
xx Jess


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