There should be more attention brought to daydreams. You know about those things, that drift through your mind on the subway or while you’re talking to your boss or your brother on the phone, or those things that you wish would come true but eventually forget, because really…they are just dreams. And nt dreams in the goal-setting sense, in my experience day dreams are always unattainable things, mostly about the YouTube men whom I’d loe to have a relationship with, not in this contintent, or the clothes I’d love to wear/look good in, and eventually the brief moments with people in my life that are uncontrollable, and will probably never happen.
In these dreams, I am always comfortable, and that makes a difference, I think.
Confession time, last summer I spent most of the months of June July and August stuck in the mid 1970’s, where I would day dream about knowing Robert Plant, and I spent a long time inside of my own head. Is that strange? I hope someone reading this understands what this is, spending time inside my head instead of outside in the real world, even when I was out, with friends, with a boyfriend, with family, at work, anything, I wasn’t really there, and that was okay, because inside of my head there was a world that I loved.
And sometimes….sometimes I worry about dying, not because I won’t be able to actually do anything, but because my daydreams, and my ability to imagine, will be gone.
And that worries me, a lot, sometimes.
And other times I am grateful for the opportunity to remember that I do have a life outside of my head, and have to actively turn that part of it all off, because there is a world where things can happen right here, outside, and I can’t spend my whole life wishing things would appen.
But sometimes, those brief moments of comfortable wonder, is worth it, to indulge in, like a good dessert or that second bottle of wine, but only sometimes.
Once in a while daydreaming is okay.
xx Jess


One thought on “JUST MY IMAGINATION | #34

  1. That part of living inside your head, and about death… i completely agree. What uneases me the most is the eternity of death, knowing it will be forever, I won’t be anything more. We have a limited time -it’s scary.

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