Sleep | #37

I was having a productive conversation about sleep the other day with a colleague and realised that there is no real way to talk productively in comparison with other people about sleep. Someone is always getting more sleep than someone else, and in turn someone is always getting more. Sometimes people all see 2am and head to bed, alternatively there’s a few who see 10pm and that’s late. Sleep is subjective, sleep is lovely, but sleep is something for me that I have a hard time articulating.

So why bother? Why explore it in comparison or not? Why sleep? Why now?

Because its trendy topic in conversation. Similar to the weather, when trying to make conversations people tend to talk about how tired they are, and that’s become popular. Today, while getting my glasses tightened I rubbed my face because it was cold, and the lady working on my glasses asked if I was tired.

Do I look like I’m tired? I’m acting like…well, I guess I was displaying behaviour that said that I was tired, but my face really was just cold, which is what I told her, to which we then talked about how cold it is outside right now. Ha, it sems there are two realms of small talk, and I hit both this afternoon.

The only time that I speak openly about sleep is when I am not having it, and as I am about to board an overnight plane there might be a few jetlagged posts coming your way, but in the meantime, let us move towards speaking about things outside of the bedroom, outside of the realm of the weather, and try to engage people in cool new ways in small talk.

Or at the very least, ask people how they are doing, and engage in their ideas past their level of awakeness.

xx Jess


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