Packing Time | #39

Packing for a week long trip to a city that embraces dampness while the country I call home is in deep freeze has proven to be difficult. I want to bring the dresses that I love for late winter, but the tights situation is difficult to figure out. Or what shoes? What shoes do I bring at all? I have waterproof boots, but they’re big and clunky combat boots for winter, and so I must hit a shoe store first thing on Saturday morning once I’m about shopping.

So packing, packing… I’ve packed light, due to above mentioned shopping that is about to happen. Ah, Primark, Next and Oasis won’t know what has hit them. But also because what do I need realy? I’m going to be going to museums and walking through the city in my jacket, I just need good shoes. I’ve still not decided on which shoes to bring…

I’ve mostly focused on packing the right chords, chargers, books, notebooks and podcasts. I’ve got everything uploaded except two episodes of Downton Abbey onto my ipad, and a new playlist from youtube that I’ve yet to get figured out. Packing my electronics has become a stress for me as I’ve decided not to bring my computer at all, so this might be a bit tricky.

My carry on, which is just one big bag with my purse inside of it, is my favourite carry on I’ve ever had. I anticipate it to be full of magazines and more things by the time head home, but it is the most efficient packing that I’ve done in a long time. My ipad, some medicinal essentials, chords, backup clothes, and we’re good.

My only real tip for packing is to take less than you think you’ll wear and more drugs (Tylenol/graval) than you think you’’’ use, and always carry deodorant.

xx Jess


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