You Better Work, Bitch | #40

Good morning, friends!

I am so behind on posts, but I am not going to break my knuckles typing away pointless posts just to fill numbers, I’m sure you’ll understand, so I just wanted to write a short hello, saying that I’ve arrived home safely from England and a trip that has motivated me academically, emotionally and creatively to pursue things that I want in my life. Other than seeing the beautiful city that I feel so connected to, I found a piece of myself across the atlantic that I feel as though I carry with me now, holding it quietly in my chest, behind my ribs so it is safe, and when I need it I can touch it lightly and remember that fire I found there.

I also saw a wonderful Instagram post (aren’t inspirational insta’s just the best?) where one of the YouTubers that I totally respect, Hannah Hart, wrote a bit bout refocusing her anxious energy on something productive, and becoming a plant mom. I have been thinking about my anxious energy a lot the past week due to some very weighty issues going on in my head, and I’ve been brainstorming ways in which I could refocus my nxious energy.

Should I become a plant mom? Probably not.

But I want to refocus into my yoga and my writing. I have decided to take some severe steps in the direction of taking care of myself in a way that is productive and healthy, not just because I NEED to or anything, but because there is a little ball of fire in my chest cavity that needs nurturing once in a while, and my word for this year that arches over my entire life is Strength, and in order to cultivate strength for myself I have to work towards it, be an active participant, to be alive not just when I’m travelling or with friend, but right now alone in my apartment, to feel alive.

That is the meaning of life for me right now.

So that is a short introduction to the response to my trip, and keep in touch if you have ny questions or ideas on how to work towards refocusing anxious energy, I’m not very good at taking advice, but when I need it I do seek it out. I hope you’ve had a quiet mid-February, full of smiling and good food. I am currently craving guacamole like its my day job so I might have to grab some of that this week, or make it with the armfuls of abocados and lemons I bought yesterday at the grocery store, who knew that this Ontarion would wish she lived in Cali mid-February? Who would’ve thought, with the polar vortex swirling around my head?

I say, as I missed the deep freeze last week, ha-ha I apologise, sort of.

I will be writing up some travel posts and some other mind related posts, some skincare trials and some clothing posts, some things that I loved and hated, and looking and moving forward. I hope you’re well and along for the ride.

Best wishes, and have a fabulous Monday!

xx Jess


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