Good morning!


And exhale.  Which is how this week has been.  Friday, the realm the idea of Friday has been long coming since Sunday afternoon, and exhale, and again, deep breath in, and exhale.  This week.  Is done.


Week’s are really only seven days, or five, if you count the work week, but those days break down into hours, and those hours into minutes, and those into seconds, and sometimes the time slips away fast away from you.  They disintegrate before your eyes, like when you’re on a deadline or if there’sa response due in a few hours.


But sometimes.  Sometimes.


Those minutes slowly move, they reluctantly pass, they need encouragement it seems, and it is beyond excruciating to watch them pass so slowly.  I am slowly becoming fluent in patience, though, so I’m doing my best.


But Friday is upon us.  I am going to clean this filthy apartment, and read in an armchair with a lavender candle on, and write a list of to-do’s for enxt week because it is significantly less pressing, and smile.


Ah, exhaling brings that of which is the most beautiful: smiling.


I hope you are all having a beautiful exhale of a day, lovely humans.


xx Jess



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