Hello and welcome to my blog!


Welcome to Cosy Notebook, a blog that has been familiar to me for 2 years now and is entering its third year as a strong and happ creative, political, feminist, or cultural outlet for myself.  All of the opinions expressed here are mine, I take full responsibility for them, as are the creative pieces and ideas.

As for me, I’m Jess, and I am currently attending the University of Toronto pursuing my Masters in Drama, Theatre Theory and Performance.  I love writing, theatre, reading, cooking, yoga, travelling and coffee.  I love to drink wine and talk for hours and laugh, always laughing.  I am nothing without adventure and bright lipstick and I just want to work hard and see the world.

This blog is kept for personal documentation and creativity, but if you have any suggestions, questions or concerns do not hesitate to drop me a comment or find me on twitter @fekkledfudge.

I love this blog, and I care about my writing, so if you would like to use any of it please be respectful and cite or ask my permission beforehand.

Also, my beautiful banner and graphics were made by the wonderful Sarah Dennison, and if you ask nicely I can put you in contact with her so you can have a boss ass bitch banner too! Thank you, Sarah, for being the Golden Goddess of my blog ❤

Thanks for visiting, I hope you’ve had a comfortable and enjoyable read J

xx Jess


8 thoughts on “About

    1. Sophie-what a lovely message thank you! I do love ZOELLA as she is just a sweet inspiration on youtube, I’m an avid youtube-junkie and most of my favourites are British/UK based, so it seems that I’m involved in that culture! Thanks for checking out my blog, xx Jess


  1. Jess, I just heard you speaking on the CBC On Campus. I think it was a re-run of a show from last year. Do you know of an online group for students or young adults with low vision? A place where people who are determined to be independent and creative, and just happen to have low vision, can share ideas for living life to its fullest. Ideas like, if a restaurant doesn’t have a large print menu, take a photo with your phone and zoom in. People understand “blind” but not low vision. Wishing you all the best in your next adventure!


    1. Hi Karen–Thanks for your comment! An online resource doesn’t exist…yet! I am always around online on twitter or here or facebook to chat, I live in Toronto and I am a part of an in-person support group for youth, so if you’re interested please let me know! I’d love to chat more! If you tweet at me @fekkledfudge then I can be more specific! I’m glad you’re following along and yes that is me on CBC! Very exciting to be heard across the country! Big hugs! xx Jess


  2. Reading your most recent blog, I realized you’ve already started your next adventure: Grad school ! Congrats! If you attend the Foundation Fighting Blindness 2016 National Young Leaders conference on Nov 5 in Toronto, please post your impressions from the day. Keep smiling! Karen

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  3. I’ll follow you online. My son is planning on attending. Deloitte and other sponsors are to be commended for funding the summit. You and your peers have a vision for the future, and big corporations need to hear your voices describing that vision. You know the frustrations that older people feel when they lose eyesight, but you also have innovative ideas about how to make the world more accessible to everyone.

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    1. Karen–Absolutely, and please let me know if I can help out in any way! Glad these posts are helping and I will definitely write on the Young Leader’s Summit! I will be presenting on conversational and networking tips, and am looking forward to getting everyone together and finding some solutions! One of my goals is to create an online sourcebook/community, so let’s keep in touch!


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